Strategic Investment

We buy to improve

Our vision is fixed on succeeding on behalf of our investors by making our occupiers fans of our buildings. The process of selection, funding, acquisition and management of assets is rigorously geared to ensuring exceptional investment returns.

Stuart Loggie comments: "We have worked with major institutional partners and high net-worth individuals on a succession of funds, and our commitment is always to clarity, transparency, execution and meeting the standards of fiduciary control and reporting which meet the highest investor requirements".

Drawing from Experience

Projects such as 17 Savile Row and Phoenix Brewery demonstrate our ability to buy opportunistically and drive value forward.

Asset Management

We work hard and deliver

We provide what occupiers want and focus on creating a place for them to operate efficiently

We create signature developments where our space differentiates from other buildings.

We make a significant difference. This is underpinned throughout, by our extensive experience, commercial insight and entrepreneurial imagination.

Director Jonathan Lawes comments: "We talk to occupiers and feed their wants and needs into our actions. Through our drive and decisive commitment to high quality design-led values we are able to transform, extend and enhance buildings into distinctive, dynamic places to work"

Managing with Expertise

Plantation Wharf and Burleigh House are examples of how our detailed approach to asset management delivers results

Communication & Creative Marketing

We tell it how it is

A clear, consistent, and compelling communications strategy is vital to all successful business relationships.

Stuart Loggie: "Our commitment to introduce and establish new standards in marketing, service level provision and property management is for the long term. We embrace new technology and recognise its effect on how buildings work "

Thinking for the Future

With an eye on rapid improvement, our focus on customer need, attracts and retains great tenants, delivering strong rentals. How this approach works in practice can be seen at 22 Gas Street and Linea