Bath Road Studios get The Set


In early April, Cube Real Estate will open The Set at Bath Road Studios: a hi-tech, design-led club.

Cube's Ruari Laidlaw explains: "We recognise that the way people interact with their workplace is changing. People want more than just office space - they want to collaborate and bounce off other minds - and they want flexibility. We have designed a space which is encouraging to both group and individual work and where members can drop in to meet, think and create."

The Set will offer daily, monthly and annual membership's where members will benefit from superfast fibre optic broadband, bespoke contemporary workspace, meeting rooms, breakout zones and a series of monthly events.

Ruari Laidlaw adds: "Users of The Set will be joining the hotbed of exciting companies already at Bath Road Studios and also have access to the Friska organic café, pilates studio, recording studios and ample parking. 

"We wanted to deliver the best environment for businesses to flourish. They require the best in cutting-edge facilities and a vibrant community in which to grow and we have created The Set to meet this demand."


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At Bath Road Studios in Bristol, Cube has created The Set - a hi-tech, design-led workspace club, in which you can develop ideas, progress projects and engage with other creative minds.

Ideas become reality through interaction and collaboration. They need to bounce off ...Read more…