At Cube, our strengths, our success and our reputation have all been built through a three dimensional approach.


In an uncertain world, we have the credentials and credibility to be trusted.


In a world of distractions, we have the determination and dedication to deliver through focussed management.


In a changing world, we raise expectations and develop standards through driving dynamic innovations and services.


Proud of what we produce  

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At Bath Road Studios in Bristol, Cube has created The Set - a hi-tech, design-led workspace club, in which you can develop ideas, progress projects and engage with other creative minds.

Ideas become reality through interaction and collaboration. They need to bounce off ...Read more…
Latest news

Benson Elliot successfully sells Slough Retail Park with support from Cube

Orchard Street Investment management has purchased Slough Retail Park for £63m.

Cube worked with Benson Elliot to help grow the income by re-basing the rental tone across the park, implementing a modest capex programme to upgrade the parks signage and create new facades across the ...Read more...

Cube & Benson Elliot launch Building 2 at Guildford Business Park


Cube and Benson Elliot bought the park from Legal and General in Q3 2015 and have recently invested £13.5m at the park to reposition the asset. Building 2 has been fully redeveloped to create 82,000 sq ...Read more...